Behind the Mask – International Day of Peace (September 21)

Within the context of implementing “Learning To Live Together” Ornella Barros – Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for Arigatou International Geneva – visited the school in March. While working with the students, she introduced and discussed with them the concept of the “Revolution of small things” which can lead to changes that transform our reality.

Through discussing and writing about small, concrete actions that students can undertake in their everyday life, they are both empowered and also committed to do so in order to make this world a better and more ethical place to live in.

After Ornella left Greece we further worked on her suggestion and dedicated one session exploring ideas about creating our own small thing, a concrete action that could contribute to the making of a more ethical and peaceful community. Additionally, we believed it would be a great way to disseminate what we have been learning, experiencing and developing throughout the implementation of LTLT into the larger community. In the past we had cooperated with several schools but we felt the need to make the project known into the wider local community in an attempt to contribute to combating the increasing xenophobia and racism in Greece and help creating a more peaceful society.

At the same time, we aimed to work with children’ sense of commitment both personal and collective, as it is a challenging issue for our students who live through a constant flow and change of their living circumstances. The suggestion that prevailed during the brainstorming was the creation of a short video.

We dedicated the last two months of the school year on the task, practically 8 sessions. The students selected “Accepting and Appreciating Diversity” as its theme. They firmly believed that these are two values that play a focal role into peaceful coexistence. Once the topic was chosen several hours were spent discussing the plot of the story and the practicalities of such a task. The only easy unanimous decision was for the video to be without words. This was due to two reasons: First, because students wanted to include everyone even the students who didn’t speak Greek. Secondly, because they wanted their video to be understood by everyone regardless their linguistic backgrounds. Decisions been made we started the project enthusiastically and committed!

We soon realized that it was a much more challenging task that we had anticipated it to be and even though we all greatly enjoyed the process, we realized that we lacked the technical knowledge and skills as well as prior experience on such tasks. Discussing and reflecting on the challenges we all agreed that part of the solution could have been the allocation of more time something we plan to remember next time we embark on such an adventure!

Upon its completion, we named our video “Behind the mask” and decided to upload it on our website on September 21st as a small tribute to International Peace Day.

So here it is!!!!!!

Despite all the challenges and obstacles we encountered we are more than proud with the results of our team work and we hope you will enjoy watching it!!!!

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