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Happy New Year cake

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Yesterday, according to the Greek custom, all classes in our school had the New Year’s cake. In every cake there is a coin. The lucky person who will find it, is supposed to have a very happy year. We would like to thank “Ntassis Pastry” who offered the cakes for our school.     Ευχαριστούμε τα Αρτοζαχαροπλαστεία Ντάσης για την ευγενική τους προσφορά και τις πολύ νόστιμες βασιλόπιτες που πρόσφεραν στο σχολείο μας.

Happy New Year

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We wish you all a Happy New Year     We came back Wednesday the 8th January, full of energy and ideas for new projects.

Bread all over the world

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            Activities for children and educators from the European Museu of Bread

End of 1st semester

Today is the first day of the 2nd semester. We inform you that a meeting will take place on December the 20th. Parents will receive grades and reports and will the chance to communicate with the teachers. We are waiting for you all.

Public Holidays

We wish to inform you that for the school year 2019-2020 elementary schools do not operate for the following days and periods: 1. Sarurdays and Sundays 2. From 24 December to 7 January 3. 30th of January 4. 2nd of March 5. 25th of March 6. From 10 April to 26 April 7. 1st May 8. 8th of June

In – school training

We inform you that on Monday the 14th of October an in-service workshop with the title  “Developing teaching methods and techniques” will take place in our school. It will be a useful and interesting experience for the teaching staff.

Day dedicated to sport activities

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New School Year 2019-2020

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  We welcome our 145 students. Almost 60 new students are with us for first time and it is also their first experience of a greek school.  


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By the end of the school year 2018-2019 we can say once more how pride we are for our 1st graders. 19 kids from different countries (Syria, Algeria, China , Turkey and many others) without any background in greek language they are able to speak, read and write and be extremely creative. Registrations until 20th of May!        

Hellenic Minority Supplementary School of Budapest / Ελληνικό Μειονοτικό Συμπληρωματικό Σχολείο Βουδαπέστης

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A few days ago we had the pleasure to meet, in our school, a team from the teaching staff of the  Hellenic Minority Supplementary School of Budapest.   The Greek community in Hungary attaches great importance to protecting their mother tongue. Therefore, the Greek School is a school that teaches Greek language as a second language for school-age children and as a foreign language for adults. It was an interesting experience for all of us that will go on with future cooperation.