Our “Coat of Arms”

On Tuesday November 10 in our school the field research on EDC/HRE (Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education) through Physical Education has found its second day of implementation. Through the cooperation of the two EDC/HRE and Physical Education experts Rolf Gollob and Gelly Aroni students of the 5th grade explored the topics of cooperation and teamwork. In this way they worked in the framework of the key concept of identity and combined in a very comprehensive way both the cognitive approach and the physical realisation. First, through the activity of the ‘Coat of Arms’ they became aware of the importance of the combination of different personal competences to the formation of a successful team. Only through the concrete teamwork in the physical education class right afterwards did the students start to become aware, of how difficult and at the same time important it is and will be to support each other but also to combine the individual strengths. Tired but fully engaged, doubting their competences abut also happily laughing during the exercises they became proud of their own results at the end, having extended both their social and physical limits.IMG_0890 IMG_0896 IMG_0938 IMG_0982 IMG_0987